The Smart Phone app was developed for executive directors and managers who would like to take full control over EFTS, EPIs, Sales and more and do not have the time to learn how to use ENROLpro.

Users can access key figures from their ENROLpro system such as:

  • EPIs – Course and Qualification Completion, Retention and Progression rates for the current year
  • EFTS consumption – Total EFTS consumed for funding categories 01, 02 and 03 as at December of the current year
  • Sales statistics – Reads from the marketing data by programme and includes:
    • Number of enquiries
    • Number of enrolments
    • Enrolments by Agent
    • Enrolments by Source of Call
    • Enrolments by Suburb
    • Enrolments by Country
  • Class occupancy: Available places and total enrolled
  • Receivable and overdue by programme – Listing individual students, amount due and amount received. Catch those students attending classes with no paid fees
  • Outcomes by course – Total positive and negative
  • Key Performance Indicators – KPI by programme
  • Attendance by class and overall
  • Statistic Reports by gender, ethnicity, country and more
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