ENROLpro main features


  • Certified by the Ministry of Education for Single Data Returns-SDRs since the year 2000.
  • Certified by the Ministry of Education for UIP reporting - Both via ENROLpro and Bureau Service.
  • Build-in NSI REST interface that interacts live with the Ministry of Education National Students Index database to search, insert, update or merge NSI numbers.
  • Electronic reporting to NZQA units and certificates, including prescriptions for the NZ Diploma in Business.
  • Build-in Public Trust Interface to enable data transfer from ENROLpro to Public Trust. Users will receive electronic contracts via email.
  • Powerful networking capabilities: As a client-server application, ENROLpro allows easy access to your database from any local area network. More than 20 computers can be connected simultaneously to the main server. ENROLpro will work also with remote connections via terminal services.


Transferring from another SMS?

If your organisation is thinking of changing SMS systems, ENROLpro is a great choice.  Staff at Z&M numerics will take care of everything for you from data transfer through to onsite installation, training and support. The company has more than 35 years IT experience and  nearly 20 years in the New Zealand Education sector, working in parallel with government agencies and TEOs working with SDR, NSI, EPIs, KPIs, NZQA, TEC and more.


Services include:

  • Data transfer from your existing SMS: Data is usually received on a Friday afternoon and transferred to ENROLpro over the weekend, ready for Monday installation at the TEO’s premises.
  • Onsite installation and training.
  • Email and telephone support.
  • Annual standard upgrades to ensure the system complies with latest government requirements plus added new features, reports and functionalities requested by ENROLpro users.
  • Remote training sessions and support can be organised via Zoom sharing.
  • SDR processing with EFTS forecast, with extensive experience in SDR, EPIs and EFTS forecasting through our bureau service. 
  • UIP processing is now available through our Bureau Services. Contact us for a quote.
  • Customised solutions and web portals – Although ENROLpro is a flexible system we can further develop it to your specific requirements.



Main reports  

Educational Performance Indicators - EPIs - Very accurate EPIs including successful course completion -detail and summary by campus and programme, successful qualification completion by programme/campus, course retention and course progression.

Our EPIs can be generated by Gender as well as by Maori, PI and Under 25.

Key Performance Indicators - KPI by programme/class includes outcomes, unit progress, course completion, course retention, qualification completion, unit results, attendance, total credits per week and more...

Course and Qualification Completions - Domestic and International.

Statement of service performance by programme: enrolments, withdrawals, completions and more...

Marketing indicators by programme and class occupancy.

Actual EFTS and dollar consumption.

Learner profile

And much more...

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